Asset or Liability?

Earlier today I decided I was going to have a great day, I have been. I decided I was going to look for the positive in everything and I am. So what is the approach to a better self or to have a better life? Decide whether you’ll be an asset or a liability. Each day provides a learning experience whether on the job, in your relationships or just through observations. We cannot decide to remain the same way in terms of various approaches that we take. If you’re good at English write a blog, if you’re good at Math tutor, if you’re good at speaking hone your skill and use it to motivate others. Life is really too short to remain in stagnation. Seek growth, seek happiness, seek peace and most of all love yourself, first.

Be an asset.


Do you care?

Our families are our first teachers and if they aren’t good to us then we might believe that the world isn’t good. Once you move away from negative people and character assassins you will be able to breathe and realize that there is so much untapped love and kindness in others because most people I’ve met really are looking for people who are sincere and who actually care. Do you care?